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May 28, 2023 Fishing Report

Well Mother Nature has finally cooperated and the fishing is getting better every day!

Walleyes are finally coming out of the shallows and getting aggressive in that 14-18 foot depth. Retails while Lindy rigging is working the best but some are still holding shallow so a 1/8 onz gig tipped with a spot tail shimmer pitched into 6-10 feet of water, slowly gigged back to the boat, is also still working. Slip Booner’s with a 1/4 onz jig tipped with a bigger leech in 6-10 feet of water inside the weed edge is also producing some nice Walleyes.

Crappies have been hit and miss since we went from 90 degrees to a high of 60 the next day, but still finding them fairly show 4-8 feet, with a 1/16 onz gig tipped with a crappie minnow.

The Large Mouth Bass fishing is on fire!!! An 1/8 onz gig tipped with a spot tail shinner pitched into the shore line and slowly popped back to the boat, is working great along with a crappie minnow under a bobber pitched in shallow is also working.

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