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Your Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Reports

Our Latest Fishing Reports

Multi-species fishing remains very strong throughout the Brainerd area.  Walleyes are moving outside of the weedlines. 18-24 ft have been best. Rigging minnows or leeches have been good. You can still get some walleyes bobber fishing in the weeds but you have to be more precise with location. Bass and pike fishing has been great. Find sone cabbage and you’ll find bass. We’ve been pitching jigs and plastic worms for bass and pike. Quite a few big pike have been biting as well but they are in cooler deeper water on the 22-28 foot range. Panfish are biting strong as well in good green weeds in 10-14 feet. Stay cool and have fun.

Mid Summer Fishing has definitely arrived in the Brainerd Lakes Area. The bite continues to be very good for most species. Walleyes have now transitioned to the deeper weedlines and can be caught on Redtails, Leeches, and Crawlers in 14-22 feet. Bass action is fantastic right now, Jig and minnow or Plastic Worms are turning fish in 8-18 feet. Pike continue to hit spinner baits and larger chubs in 16-26 feet. The bigger pike are now moving deeper. Panfish action is very good as well, both crappies and sunfish are active in the deeper weeds as well. Swing by S and W Bait for the latest reports and updates. Give us a call , and we can put you on some good fishing!

Overall fishing has been very strong in the Brainerd Area. Bass, Pike, and Panfish have been lights out. Presentations do not need to be very specific. Find a weed line with sone good cabbage and you’ll find all types of fish mainly in the 8-14 foot depth range. Walleye fishing has been good overall but the drastic changes in weather have made them a little touchy from time to time. Two main bites happening for walleyes. The first is a slip bobber and leech in the 8-14 foot range, the second is a rigging and minnow bite in 15-20 foot. Both have been hood recently.

In the Brainerd Lakes Area, The bite has really improved lately and early summer fishing patterns are in full swing. Walleyes are biting leeches, red tail chubs , and crawlers in 8-18 feet of water. Bass are hitting plastics and jig/minnow presentations in 4-12 feet along most weedlines on Brainerd area lakes. Pike are also getting more active as the water temperatures rise. Spinner baits and live bait rigs are turning pike in 12-20 feet of water. Panfish are slowly leaving their spawning areas and setting up on the nearest deeper weeds and can be caught on small jigs with crappie minnows or wax worms. Things should continue to get better and better! Now is a good time to give S and W bait a call and book a guide to get in on this good bite!

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