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JUNE 19, 2024

Fishing is starting to change as the weather changes still. Not a strong consistent bite but we are getting a few. Walleyes have been in about 12-24 feet of water, Gull, North long and Pelican lake have been good fishing prepare to use a Jig, Lindy Rig and a bobber with a Leech, Night crawler, Small minnow like a Fathead or a Larger Minnow like a Shiner or a Chub. Bass fishing has been decent on Gull and North Long roughly 8-15 feet jigging with a plastic worm or a Night Crawler also casting a spinner bait. Northern Pike are active shallow and deep but mainly 12-18 feet, still running with Bass and Walleye in a nice casual after noon bite using a Bobber with a Sucker Minnow. Pan Fishing (Crappies and Sunnie’s) have been in 6-14 Feet in deep cabbage beds using a small jig or Flu Flu of some sorts with Crappie Minnows, Small Leeches and Wax Worms. Perfect time to call and book a trip with a One of us guides, Give us a  call at 218-963-2547. Have a good day and Good Luck!!

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